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Doctrine of Necessity


Sharif’s utter contempt of the Supreme Court’s (SC) recent ruling, and by default the rule of law, was exposed blatantly for public viewing during his YATRA along the GT Road. This confirmed that the 1998 PML(N) mob attack on the SC was not a one-off aberration, it seems to be a Sharif genetic disorder. Until they disqualified him, the SC judges were great, thereafter they became an unspeakable form of “low life”, or at least that’s what he has been insinuating. God help the Honourable SC Judges if his review petition is rejected, (with apologies for the crude paraphrasing) “Hell hath no fury like a politician disqualified”. Maxim had it just right with his cartoon in THE NATION on April 10, 2001, caricaturing the late Ms Benazir as saying, “When a court convicts me it is a kangaroo court and if it acquits me it upholds the dignity of the judiciary”.


Musharraf Under Siege

Whether for the good of the country or for selfish reasons to save himself and his cronies from retribution for the Kargil adventure, Musharraf violated Article 6 of the Constitution overthrowing an elected government in 1999. The Supreme Court (SC) became abettors to the coup by default when they gave him legal cover under the […]


An “Interesting” Crossroads

The phrase “may you live in interesting times” is a Chinese curse heaped on an enemy. Frederic Coudert quotes an unknown British diplomat in 1936, “no age has been fraught with more insecurity than our present time”, three years later the Second World War ravaged the world between 1939 and 1945. We in Pakistan have never ceased to live through such times throughout our rather chequered history. Because of the geographical location and the consequent world politics that goes with it, our geopolitical situation is made tenuous because of religious diversities and permutations combinations thereof. Notwithstanding the economic potential of an area astride the Indus River descending to a fertile delta from the high Karakoram Mountains down to the Indian Ocean, rich in agriculture and blessed with both minerals and skilled manpower, we are perennially in crisis, earthquake and floods aside mostly man-made disasters.